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BATALA BOOM - Samba Percussion Band, Vienna, Austria

BATALA Boom is an Austrian percussion band with brazilian Samba Reggae sound and was founded in Vienna in early 2015.
Despite its youth, BATALA Boom consists of many experienced drummers with international background.
Percussion, fun and joy are the fundament of our vibrating Samba rhythms.

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Member of a huge Family

Originally BATALA was established in Paris in 1997 by the Brasilian percussionist Giba Gonçalves. Today more than 30 BATALA groups in over 25 countries are enspirited by his compositions. International workshops guarantee the possibility of learning new rhythms and synchronize the bands all around the world for conjoint gigs with several hundred drummers like the carnivals at Salvador de Bahia or Notting Hill (and many more). More to that you may find at Mundo BATALA.

Giba Gonçalves & Mundo BATALA @ Notting Hill Carnival, London

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Our Instruments


Batala Surdo

Surdo means 'hollow' in Portuguese. That's why the base drums got this name. They are the largest drums in the band and with their low frequency the very important tonal basis for each beat.


Batala Dobra

In Portuguese dobrar meand 'double'. This is exactly the task of the slightly smaller Dobra. With its medium-high frequences it is used to support the melody of a rhythm and is therefore a central element of the Samba-Reggae-music.


Batala Repique
(also: Repinique)
The Repinique is the smallest and also the tonally highest drum in the Samba-Reggae-music. Together with the Dobra it represents the very importan melodic part of the rhythms.


Batala Caixa

The Caixa is a Snaredrum with the task to additionally underline every rhythm in its entirety with its snaring sound and thereby make the Samba-beats 'richer'.

This is how our rhythm sounds with all drums playing together

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